The Swallows Partnership was established to develop arts and cultural exchange between the North East of England and the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

The Swallows Partnership itself is not a legal entity but consist of a working partnership between two “Trusts” one founded in the UK the other in South Africa. Each is formally independent of the other though currently funds to pay South African based staff is granted by UK funders to Swallows Foundation (UK) and then forwarded to Isiseko Senkonjane SA.

The Swallows Foundation (UK) is registered in the UK as a Company Limited by Guarantee; Company Number 6838704 and is registered as a Charity with the UK Charity Commissioners Charity Number 1135212. The Registered address is the Tyne Theatre and Opera House, 117 Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4AG. As a result of its company and charity status the Swallows Foundation (UK) is a not for profit organisation where payments or profits cannot be distributed to members of its Board.

Board members and office holders of Swallows Foundation (UK) as of 1st January 2012 are Mark Robinson (Chair), Annie Rigby, Ian McKeown, Brian Debnam and Jennifer Hinves. The Company Secretary is Brian Debnam. Auditors are Baker Tilly of 1 St James' Gate, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4AD, UK.

The members of the Board are also the members of the company but do not hold or own any shareholding in the company. None of the Board members have family relationships with other members of the Board or with staff of the Foundation.

A check on information for Swallows Foundation (UK) can be obtained through the Companies House UK or the Charity Commissioners

The Swallows Foundation (SA) –Isiseko Senkonjane SA is registered in South Africa under Section 21 of the Companies act as a not for profit organisation where profits cannot be distributed to its Directors.

Swallows Foundation (UK) is directed by Mark and Kylie Lloyd, financial administration support is provided by Philippa from Brian Debnam and Associates.

 Cultural Leadership and Management Programme in South Africa

Swallows Foundation UK is opening its call for expressions of interest in its professional development programme for cultural managers and policy makers from, or with a connection to, the NE England now rescheduled for 16th – 30th June 2012.

The programme is based on an intensive two weeks induction in South Africa, introducing and analysing the complexities of place, peoples, histories, policy and politics at the level of general cultural policy but also in dedicated smaller groups of sectoral interest. It includes time in Johannesburg and Durban, the journey through the former homelands of the Transkei and Ciskei from Mthatha to Grahamstown, a case study in Port Elizabeth and attendance at the first three days of the South African National Arts Festival at Grahamstown (which could
be extended).

The programme is targeting senior UK cultural managers interested in experiencing another country’s approach to cultural policy and practice and/or cultural managers at all stages of development with an interest in working internationally, or with a future focus in South Africa.

Professor Peter Stark will be leading the programme throughout and deploying and introducing a range of South African hosts and organisations. After nearly twelve years working in South Africa and with feedback from over 100 artists, cultural professionals and politicians from the North East who have made the trip, we are convinced of the power and
relevance of the experience to cultural leaders in the current UK context. In addition, this bespoke programme offers a unique specialist introduction to more general issues of cultural leadership in an International context.

There is more information about the work of the Swallows Partnership/Sihlanganiswa Ziinkonjane at 

The cost for the full programme – including international and national flights and transport and good quality accommodation throughout the stay will be £2,500. Bursary funds are available at Swallows Foundation UK to support delegates from the North East with part of the cost.