Brian Debnam & Associates are introducing a new range of event management services to add to their international project management and consultancy portfolio.

Allow our team to take your event idea/concept and turn it into real life. We can turn it into an imaginative, effective and safe event, ensuring the expectation of your company is met, and creating a positive experience. Let us add a little stardust by introducing you to our performing and visual artist address book.

BDA Events provides overall management/ coordination services for any kind of an event, from the very beginning of the process including: event designing, event planning, sourcing venues/locations, performers/ participants/ artists. We can organise all production and operational needs and develop systems to suit the schedule and procedures of the event.

We will take your idea or concept and make it real with a professional approach; BDA Events also brings a twist from the Arts and Cultural sectors.


Event Services

  •  Event coordination/management
  • Event health checks
  • Production and operational coordination
  • Health and safety
  • Programming/event development
  • Event staffing
  •  Event marketing
  • Event evaluation
  •  Sourcing – participants, performers, artists and unique venues/locations

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