Business Planning

  •  Working with the client, funders, stakeholders and partners we provide a detailed planning service for organisations, new cultural facilities and projects.
  •  We make a detailed analysis of the operating environment for the project.
  •  We benchmark projects with international and local comparators.
  • We build business plans by detailed modelling of the day to day business, providing detailed targets and strategies for income generation through box office, entrance fees, retail and catering activity and other commercial activities.
  •  We scope funding opportunities from governmental, commercial and philanthropic sources and provide strategic fundraising plans and advice.
  •   We provide detailed implementation plans that enable ongoing monitoring by stakeholders and management against clear targets and milestones.
  • Full financial modelling and cash flows.
  • Market analysis and marketing plans
  • We examine sensitivities and explore financial risk.
  •  We detail strategic, operational and financial risks and provide a risk management plan.

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